Tai Chi Qigong DVD with Dr Yang, Jwing Ming

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Taiji Qigong is an ancient Chinese set of exercises which develops the strength and flexibility of the body, increases your vitality, and promotes deep relaxation.

The movements also prepare your body and mind for great Taiji (Tai Chi) practice by loosening your joints, warming your muscles, stimulating your Qi (energy) flow, and sharpening your concentration. Qigong is the key to developing the phenomenal martial power of Taijiquan.

In this DVD, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches the purpose and methods of Taiji Qigong, and demonstrates more techniques than are shown in the book, including:

  • Stretching
  • Loosening, Rotating, Coiling, and Wrist Settling Warm Up Exercises
  • Wai Dan Standing Still Meditation
  • Stationary Taiji Qigong: Primary, Coiling, and Rocking Sets
  • Walking Taiji Qigong

In addition, regular Qigong practice accelerates the health benefits of Taiji. You'll enjoy reduced stress, a stronger immune system, and a deeper awareness of breath and body coordination. This authoritative guide can be used with any style of Taijiquan, and it is a great way for anyone to energize the body, raise the spirit, and deepen your understanding of Qigong and Taiji. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Ph.D. is a world-renowned author and teacher of Kung Fu, Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Chin Na, and a leading authority on Qigong (Chi Kung). Involved in Chinese Kung Fu since 1961, he has over 55 schools in 18 countries. Dr. Yang has published over thirty-five books and more than eighty videos and DVDs on the martial arts and Qigong, including the best-selling title Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style.

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