Effective Wristlocks for BJJ Vol 1 DVD by Budo Jake

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Wristlocks (known as mao de vaca in Portuguese) are some of the lesser used submissions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In this instructional, Gracie Barra black belt, IBJJF commentator, and active competitor - Budo Jake, teaches the intricacies of this often overlooked submission. Jake shows not only how to do the wrist locks, but more importantly - when. There are specific times when wrist locks can effectively be executed.


Wrist locks are an extremely valuable asset that everyone should invest time in learning.  Whether to finish, distract, or aid in securing a secondary finish hold, they will boost your submission game.  I can’t wait to see what Budo Jake has up his sleeve, or not  :) to benefit from! - Shawn Williams


DVD contents of volume 1:

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Wrist stretches
  • 3 Concepts for applying wrist locks in BJJ

From guard (bottom):

  • 4 Gooseneck
  • 5 Reverse gooseneck
  • 6 Williams Guard wrist lock
  • 7 Belt grip wrist lock
  • 8 Heavy belt grip wrist lock
  • 9 Americana to wrist lock
  • 10 Triangle defense wrist lock
  • 11 Omoplata to wrist lock
  • 12 Omoplata roll wrist lock

From half guard top:

  • 13 Underhook wrist lock
  • 14 Dangling wrist lock
  • 15 DHG counter wrist lock

Language: English or Japanese voiceover


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Customer Reviews

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Effective Wristlocks

Really like the excellent production of Budo DVDs. This one doesn't disappoint at all. Solid display of techniques from Budo Jake...excellent crossover to no-gi as well. Recommend buying volume 1 and 2 together.

Roy Deans

Got Roy DVDs waist of money all about aikido bs... Want to get these ones but it is a little to cost for me now


I learned a lot on these 2 DVDs. (I got both of them). To answer another reviewer, Keith - In my opinion Jake's set goes into much more detail on wrist locks that are applicable for bjj. Mr Dean's DVD had some stand up aikido stuff that I didn't feel was realistic in a sport bjj context. Anyway, great job on this Jake. I hope you make more instructionals in the future.

Should he have five stars.

Jake you did a good job , well paced well spoken. the material was some that we do not normally get to see. I do think both dvd,s should have come in the same container. I give the same review to your volume 2 that I see on line. How does this compare to Roy Deans on the same subject. ???? One would like to know so they do not buy the same thing.

Volume 1 and 2