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Ed Parker's Kempo DVD by Richard Planas - Budovideos

Ed Parker's Kempo DVD by Richard Planas

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The Great Master Richard Planas “Huk”, -Belt Black 10th grade and one of the world wide top exponents of Kenpo Karate- starts with this first volume, a series of videotapes, full of teachings and key aspects to evolve in this system.
As Ed Parker used to say: _”The one who knows how, he will always be a student; but the one who knows why, he will transform himself into an instructor”_. For Planas, Kenpo it is a set of rules and principles of movements that, you should study and understand with this premise in mind. The Great Master will analyze the most common mistakes and problems that practitioners come up against to, when attempting to understand or to carry out certain techniques. A magnificent videotape from this authentic and living Kenpo legend!
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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