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Dynamic Fundamentals 4 DVD Set by Raphael Carneiro


Dynamic Fundamentals 4 DVD Set by Raphael Carneiro Dynamic Fundamentals 4 DVD Set by Raphael Carneiro

Dynamic Fundamentals 4 DVD Set by Raphael Carneiro

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Complete your game and master the moves that really work. 

Build your BJJ base and create the foundation you need to succeed with coach Raphael Carniero.

To many people overlook the fundamentals but they are what wins matches.  This is your opportunity to re-establish your fundamentals and have a whole new perspective on what the fundamentals mean.

Every journey in BJJ is as unique as the person taking it, but every journey begins with the basics. Every black belt once began by learning and perfecting the basic attacks that build the understanding of the principles and concepts that they use in every position or attack, and now it is time for you to learn the same. Join Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Raphael Carniero as he brings you through the basic sweeps, passes and submissions that he uses every day on the mat to stay one step ahead. Over this four-volume set, you’ll be introduced to how to approach each attack, how to move and flow like a savvy mat veteran, and how to keep finding attack after attack no matter if you are on top or bottom.

Every lower belt has those moments where they are stuck in a plateau, not sure if they’ll ever be more than just a grappling dummy for the higher belts, someone who they can try some new cool technique they learned, or someone they can use to relax between tough rounds. The road to being a mat savage isn’t in the new crazy moves, it’s in mastering the basics. They are basic for a reason; they work! These are the moves you can go back to time after time, no matter if you are rolling with a more experienced fighter, someone bigger and stronger, or if you are out of gas and searching for a way out of a bad spot.

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