Dog Brothers: Staff DVD

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We are taught we should be able to adapt and improvise with items we can pick up in our various environments-- yet the simple fact is that many items that one might find (brooms, poles, long sticks, 2x4s, shovels, pipes, branches, heavy bars etc.) require two hands and most of us lack training with two handed impact weapons. If you find yourself facing a very large and very strong ex-con bill collector who is thinking you are the guy who owes someone some money, and you have to pick up some item requiring two hands for effective use, you want to have some sense of competence with your tools and what to do with them to keep that guy off of you! Or maybe you want to take your stickfighting to another adrenal level and want to fight with a staff in Real Contact Stickfighting the way it is done at a "Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack".

As always, this is DBMA and "If you see it taught, you see it fought." There are plenty of rockin' staff fights in this DVD. Whether your mission is self-defense or high intensity Real Contact Stickfighting -- or both!-- the ingenious progression of material and the techniques selected in this DVD are designed to meet your needs.

To top it off, the training in this DVD develops a strong supple spine (extremely helpful for those that sit a lot) and increases punching and kicking power.

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