Daito Ryu Aikibudo DVD by Kenkichi Ohgami

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Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu 8 dan, Kenkichi Ohgami was a student of Hisa Takuma, who was a top student of Sokaku Takeda. In this video Ohgami demonstrates a number of Daito Ryu waza.

Contents include:

  • Seated techniques (suwariwaza)
  • Standing techniques (tachiwaza)
  • Seated techniques against a standing attacker (hanmi handachi)
  • Weapons (bukidori)
  • Multi person attack (taninzudori)
  • Women's self defense
  • Special: Ohgami demonstrates how to protect a piece of paper when an attacker grabs it. This interesting technique was said to be a favorite of Sokaku Takeda when he gave demonstrations.

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 40 min.