Contact, Impact and Control DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev

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A dynamic seminar on total preparation for contact in confrontations. Absolutely unique warm-ups and breath training, work with endurance, evasions and interceptions, subtle punches, punches from the ground, defense and offense through tension, drills of taking tension out of the body and empowering every movement with effortless control.

Enjoy a perfect series of Systema exercises to develop flawless moving & striking, to dissipate the soreness, stretch the threshold of pain, to gain the understanding of what "relaxed" really means, to knock out the fear and achieve internal strength.

Includes astounding demonstrations of knife defense and multiple opponents, beyond what you’d think is possible.

Connect the psychology of fighting with body control, strikes and movement.


-Warm up
-Resist and control
-Warm up for contact
-Push strike interaction
-Ways of taking punches
-Intercepting contact
-Multiple opponents
-Knife defense

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