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Complete Williams Guard 8 DVD Set by Shawn Williams

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Learn the dynamic Williams Guard that you can use to trap and attack off your back with huge results, even against opponent's bigger and stronger than you. The inventor of the Williams Guard created an 8-volume masterclass in guard work that is perfect for any grappler looking to attack and defend from their closed guard with more control, safety, and options for attacks.

With precise, step-by-step instruction from this Renzo Gracie black belt, you'll learn a comprehensive system around how to apply the guard, attack for submissions and sweeps, and troubleshoot any counters thrown your way.

The Williams guard is one of the best ways to control and limit someone's movement off your back, by using a wrap around the arm to keep them broken down and stuck in place.

Once they are stuck with their arm isolated, you can go to work attacking triangles, omoplatas, sweeps, and tons of other attacks. The best part? Once you have the Williams guard locked on, you are safe!

Shawn found this system years ago, when he was coming up in the legendary Renzo Gracie blue basement with great coaches like Renzo and John Danaher, and that same systematic approach led him to exploring and perfecting his guard, finding ways to counter every attack he would see, and learning how he can use the best leverage and momentum for every action.

Shawn Williams is a long-time black belt under Renzo Gracie and one of the voices of the IBJJF, regularly commentating their events and breaking down the action for the fans.

He's become one of the most recognizable voices in jiu-jitsu because of his ability to explain moves and concepts in clear, easy-to-understand detail. This also makes him an incredible coach, and every volume is packed with helpful information on how to win from the Williams guard by relying on technique and gameplan.

Shawn explains some of the most complex concepts in BJJ in simple language that will help any belt-level improve and implement these moves.

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