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Closed guard Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass


Closed guard Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass Closed guard Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

Closed guard Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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$77.00 USD 

Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American Grapplers on the planet

  • Learn the closed guard secrets of one of the best grapplers
  • Frustrate and destroy all of your competition
  • Simplify and slow down the game
  • Hold back even the most explosive grapplers
  • Learn from the coach of Garry Tonon

Everyone, when they start BJJ, ends up learning pretty quickly just how powerful the guard really is. It seems a little silly to the common person, that someone sitting down, or even laying down, could do much to defend themselves, let alone control or even dominate a fight.

As you start to train and roll, slowly, surely, you start to learn more and more about what goes into real ground fighting, and how the guard is really one of the most dynamic and dangerous positions in all of BJJ. Now, the only question is, what kind of guard? Sometimes it seems like everywhere you turn, someone is telling you about some new kind of guard, worm guard, snake guard, squid guard, reverse lapel de la who knows guard! These approaches are great, but we have seen time and time again, that the basics must be mastered and respected, and it doesn’t come anymore basic than the closed guard, a position everyone learns first, and everyone must have an answer for.


That’s where Tom DeBlass comes in. As one of our favorite BJJ Fanatics instructors, Tom has a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and coaching skill that has set him apart as one of the best grappling minds in America. He’s always working hard to push grappling to new and interesting places, and his instructional sets have already helped thousands improve their ground game. He’s competed, won, and even coached at the highest levels, including giving tutelage to world class grapplers like Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan. Now, the Ricardo Almeida black belt is turning that grappling wizardry to the closed guard, and he’s here to show you how he attacks when he is on bottom.


Closed guard is one of the most basic and fundamental guards that every fighter knows, and everyone must have an answer for. Still, for so many, it ends up evolving into a position to hold and recover your energy, or a place to get stuck while someone grinds their elbows into your legs. No fun! Now, thanks to Tom, you can put all that in the past, and level up your bottom game by rediscovering what makes the guard so tricky in the first place.


Instead of the same few basic chokes and armbars that everyone knows, and everyone knows how to defend, Tom has taken his knowledge a step further, studying and finding new ways to control opponents and combine techniques, transforming his guard into one of the trickiest places a grappler can be. By building on the basics, Tom is able to go deeper and deeper into the position, giving you solutions to the most common problems and situations you will find yourself in. It’s like a private seminar in the palm of your hand!




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