Classical Swordsmanship of Japan Book by Serge Mol

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For many centuries, the sword was the main weapon and symbol of the Japanese warrior, called bushi or samurai. Sword skills such as kenjutsu or iaijutsu were highly regarded, and over time many hundreds if not thousands of schools or ryuha that focused on swordsmanship would emerge.

Classical Swordsmanship of Japan is the most exhaustive and authoritative work on the subject of kenjutsu and iaijutsu available in any of the major Western languages to date. This masterpiece by Serge Mol covers more than 800 years of swordsmanship history, provides historical details of some 49 sword schools and contains references to well over 250. Additionally, this work includes information of no loss than 280 classical sword masters that played a role in the history of kenjutsu and iaijutsu.