Classic Judo Vol-3 by Hal Sharp (On Demand)

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Vol. 3, Classic Judo Katas (72 minutes), shows grandmasters of Kodokan demonstrate the katas of Judo before there was Judo, when it was still called Ju Jitsu. You will learn and understand randori kata’s Nage-No-Kata (throwing forms), Katame-No-Kata (grappling forms), Itsutsu-No-Kata (forms of five) Ju-No-Kata (forms of gentleness) Self-Defense kata’s like Koshiki-No-Kata, Kime-No-Kata, and Taiho Jutsu plus Goshin Jutsu or Modern Self-Defense.

1. History 2. Kobudo Kata, 3. Nage-no-Kata, 4. Katame-no-Kata, 5. Ju-no-Kata 6. Itsutsu-no-Kata, 7. Kime-no-Karta, 8. Tomiki’s Aikido, 9. Taiho Jutsu, 10. Goshin Jutsu.

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