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Commando Krav Maga Complete Library 14 DVD Set with Moni Aizik - Budovideos


Commando Krav Maga Complete Library 14 DVD Set with Moni Aizik - Budovideos

Commando Krav Maga Complete Library 14 DVD Set with Moni Aizik

Moni Aizik

$199.95 USD 


Guides you through each level in the greatest of detail covering explosive, effective techniques including: Gun disarming, edged weapons, violent strangles, control techniques, Israeli ground survival, fast and brutal striking scenarios, pressure points, violent headlock defense, baseball bat defense, clinch defense, surviving surprise attacks at night, blade attack & defense, escape from vicious street-holds , take downs, control techniques, Commando training tips that can save your life and much more!



Featuring 4 of the best Israeli instructors: Moni Aizik- Combat Survival Commando Krav Maga; Avi Nardia & Uri Kaffe- Kapap & Lotar; Albert TimenM- Israeli Tactical Shooting Expert

Learn the secrets our instructors taught the Israeli army! The Israeli army (IDF) is well known for its highly effective combat techniques. For the first time ever 4 highly regarded Israeli army veterans got together and ran an advanced seminar in Colorado to army, police and Krav Maga instructors! Now you can see and learn in this exclusive DVD set - The Best of the Israeli fighting systems:Kapap, Lotar, Combat Survival- Commando krav Maga. The advanced seminar was filmed live at Estes Park, Colorado, U.S.A. Over 3 hours of Live Training: Close quarter combat techniques: knife against knife, unarmed against the blade, pistol disarming, rifle disarming, explosive take down techniques, how to finish a boxer, choke escapes, Israeli ground survival, Israeli Point Shooting, training drills and much more!


Features some of the best techniques from Lotar, Kapap, and Krav Maga, among others. Learn how to confront and survive potential disasters such as grips, holds and strangulations, knife threats and attacks from multiple positions, ground fighting and threats using hand guns. Also shown are the most commonly committed errors when facing these threats, learn these now not later! This is a complete arsenal of fast and highly effective techniques that has been combat proven by elite commandos and SWAT teams in Israel and around the world.


On the street, you're all you've got. This DVD provides the fastest solution WHEN being attacked on the street with guns, knives, punches, holds and ground survival. This DVD offers you an option. The option of survival. You will gain confidence and walk taller down the road less traveled. Be your own Guardian Angel. This DVD will help you build a suit of armor for the 21st century urban battlefield. 


4 Masters, 4 LIFE THREATENING situations. The Combatant DVD contains an objective look at 4 different approaches to self defense by 4 Masters of the martial arts. If you are interested in learning the martial arts or self defense but don't know which art to study then buy Combatant Extreme Self Defense. If you are an experienced martial artist, you'll want to see how each art handles the same situations differently and WHY. These are very popular arts for cross training and are known as being focused on the street. Four Masters of some most street effective martial arts show you their different theories and techniques on defending yourself from common attacks. 

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