Choy Lay Fut 17 DVD Set by Tat-Mau Wong

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Tat-Mau Wong instructs this comprehensive 17 volume series on Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.

Vol 1: Fundamentals
Vol 2: Small plum blossom and 2 man plum blossom
Vol 3: 5 animal forms and tuet jin hand form
Vol 4: Crane form
Vol 5: Cross pattern grabbing form
Vol 6: Shaolin staff, shaolin 2 man
Vol 7: Single and double end whirling staff
Vol 8: Tiger tail broadsword, horse bench
Vol 9: Pressure point fan, double edge sword
Vol 10: Spinning spear and whip chain
Vol 11: Hidden butterfly knives & spear vs. butterfly knives
Vol 12: 3 sectional staff
Vol 13: Wooden dummy
Vol 14: Self defense
Vol 15: Full contact fighting
Vol 16: History & traditions
Vol 17: ping kuen advanced form

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