Championship Guard Passing 2 DVD Set by Lucas Lepri

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Lucas Lepri – Championship Guard Passing 2 Disc DVD set  
In recent years, competition driven Jiu-Jitsu has focused on modern guards such as the De La Riva Guard, Berimbolo, X-Guard, and Spider Guard to name a few. Now, in his first ever English language instructional series, MUNDIAL CHAMPION Lucas Lepri teaches you how to dominate these guards and step up your game like never before!


Each targeted, detailed lesson will inspire you to work harder, move better and overpower even your toughest rivals with a comprehensive examination of Lucas Lepri’s battle tested and proven passing game.


You’ll receive approximately 3-hours of expert training on 2 discs that will walk you through every technique from a one-to-one perspective… it’s like you are taking a private lesson from Lucas himself!

"Lucas Lepri is one of the most dynamic and creative competitors in action today his techniques are smooth and easy to learn I strongly recommend his DVDs to anyone interested in learning the real jiu jitsu." - Master Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti

"Alliance Jiu Jitsu has proven undeniably that our training system produces the best athletes of our art. Competitors with totally different styles train under the same philosophy, Jiu Jitsu complete and forward. One the finest examples is Lucas Lepri, who possibly has the most complete and universal technique within our team and is for sure one of my favorites!" - Fabio Gurgel

"Talk about Lucas is always a pleasure for me. I have never seen an athlete with so many skills like him. When I see Lucas competing is like an eye drops for my eyes. He is one of the most complete athlete that I have had the opportunity to train. " - Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles Maciel

Disc 1: Passing Butterfly, Closed and De La Riva Guards

Never have problems passing the De La Riva Guard again! Lucas shows you his secrets to passing even the trickiest variations of the De La Riva Guard. Each technique is shot in digital quality with TONS of replay. You will never miss an angle or a detail!

The techniques on this disc will help you dominate the slickest guard players in training and in competition. DON’T MISS OUT, ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!



Disc 2: Half, Reverse De La Riva, Spider and X-Guards

So many guards, so little time! On this disc, Lucas shows you how to pass some of the more common guards used in modern competition. Don’t get stuck scratching your head wondering how to pass one of these ever again!

The techniques on this disc will help you dominate the slickest guard players in training and in competition. DON’T MISS OUT, ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wrong dvds guys?

Well wish I could give a review, but they put the wrong dvds in the box. I got the no-gi series in the gi series box by Lucas Lepri. Zero stars for wrong dvds.

DVD Review

This DVD is loaded with great techniques, I like how they change angles to show all aspects of the move. The music is horrible not sure why they did that, overall Im happy with the set.