Butterfly Guard 2 DVD Set by Rafael Formiga

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Attention BJJ competitor: How would you like to sweep bigger, stronger and more athletic opponents - every time?

Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa's butterfly guard is the unstoppable sequence you've been missing that will take you to the next level.

DVD 1: Butterfly Sweeps and Counters

Butterfly Guard Entries 1

Butterfly Guard Entries 2

Ankle Pick From Butterfly 1

Ankle Pick From Butterfly 2

Counter To Sidesmash Pass

Flying Butterfly Sweep

Armlock From Butterfly Sweep

Counter To Underhook Pass

Breakdance Sweep

Over/Under Pass Counter

Butterfly Duck Under

Duck Under

Torreando Counter

Butterfly Sweep Variation

DVD 2: X Guard and Deep Half

Entrance To X Guard From Butterfly

X Guard Sweep

X Guard Backup Sweep

X Guard Stepover Sweep

X Guard Sweep To Double Under

Fake 50/50 Sweep

Technical Standup

X Guard To Deep Half Guard

50/50 Sweep

50/50 Backtake

50/50 Pass

50/50 Legdrag