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Budo Ashisabaki (Footwork) DVD with Toshishiro Obata

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Toshishiro Obata believes that a thorough understanding and mastery of ashisabaki (footwork) is the foundation upon which all martial arts are built. Obata demonstrates many of the essential and practical footwork patters for Shinkendo kihon waza (basic techniques), tachiuchi (sparring), and Aikido.

Additional patters in suriashi (gliding) and sashiashi (double step) format are also included.

Grid outlines accompany many patters to assist the student. Performing these patterns with a partner is an additional aid to mastering them.

Yoko Obata assists Toshishiro Obata in demonstrating in sotai (partner) format.

A bonus tameshigiri performance by Obata is also included that showcases dynamic and diverse cutting techniques, as well as tameshigiri utilizing the two-sword method.