Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Advanced Techniques Vol 2 Submissions with Daniel Rego (On Demand)

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is alive and vibrant, it is renewed year after year, being reborn out of its own ashes like the Phoenix. Of course, the "basics are the basics". This happens with all the styles, but the ways of dealing with the techniques and counter techniques mark the difference between life and death in the street, between victory and defeat on the tatami. Rego has talent for explaining things well, for teaching calmly without losing any detail. He said, "Some people are going to be surprised with the techniques in this video"; Jiu-Jitsu does not stop", he said. Daniel Rego brings us his wisdom of Jiu-Jitsu another magnificent video, this time focusing on submissions, that is, focusing on techniques used when ending a fight. Submissions, "finalizaçao" in Brazilian Portuguese are those techniques that have made Jiu-Jitsu famous, and they have permitted the martial artist who is technically developed to obtain victories in spite of differences in weight or strength.


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