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BJJ Seminar Series Vol 2: Gi Techniques - Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard DVD by Tony Pacenski 1


BJJ Seminar Series Vol 2: Gi Techniques - Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard DVD by Tony Pacenski 1

BJJ Seminar Series Vol 2: Gi Techniques - Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard DVD by Tony Pacenski

Tony Pacenski

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In Vol 2, my latest curriculum DVD I explain "The Sao Paulo Approach." This is a revolutionary method of passing the guard that controls the legwork and hips of the opponent with a pressure game forcing him to turn to the knees or giving you the ability to pass when you want with control! I coined the phase the Sao Paulo Approach because of the different patterns I observed  hat were applied and taught to me from the fighters coming out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  From this, I put everything together and developed a curriculum for my friends to understand.

Q: Is "The Sao Paulo Approach" like "The Sao Paulo Pass" that Wilson Reis does?

A: NO."The Sao Paulo Approach" is not the Sao Paulo Pass, The Wilson Reis or "Tozi Pass;" however, I put "The Sao Paulo pass-opening" in the DVD at the end out of respect to Wilson Reis who taught me his pass system in Philadelphia. "The Sao Paulo Approach" pressure game is used after the guard is opened standing or on the mat.  "The Sao Paulo Approach" is a method of redirecting the legwork of your opponent and effectively controlling his hips with superior grips, angles, leverage and pressure to pass the guard or force a back attack. "The Sao Approach" pressure game can be used after using the Sao Paulo Pass to open the guard.  Further, it can be used during a lot of classical guard passes you know already.  It is a different and effective approach..."The Sao Paulo Approach!"

This seminar was a follow up workshop in Philadelphia filmed as part of "The BJJ Seminar Series", July 7, 2010.  During the seminar, "little" Tony explored many awesome techniques and strategies on guard passing using  "The Sao Paulo Approach".  Learn these movements and take your grappling skills to the next level!

Part I: Introduction, Drills and Discussion about the Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard-
- Partner Drill 1- Learn how to redirection the opponent's legwork and hip escape from the cross-side position/100 kilos position.  Excellent partner drill added as a bonus to this DVD.
- Analysis of the Sao Paulo Pressure Game.  Learn different grips, angles and weight distributions to trap and control your opponent after successfully guard passing.
- Avoiding common mistakes after redirecting the hips/legwork, control the strongest and heaviest jiu-    jitsu fighter, and move to the mount or make the bottom opponent want you to pass the guard.
- Troubleshooting the Sao Paulo Pressure Game: Understanding the pros and cons of the approach.

Part II: Guard Passing Part A-
- Analysis and troubleshooting of.  Two methods of  "The De La Riva guard smashing the outside "The De La Riva hook."
- Refinement strategies to passing "The De La Riva guard" moving to the Sao Paulo Pressure Game standing and on the ground; bonus material and instruction.
- Understand how to easily stop the opponent from moving from "The De La Riva guard to sitting up guard/single leg guard.
- 2 ways to stop and pass the sitting up guard/single leg guard you need to apply without thinking.
- Countering the single position: Different grips and two variations.
- The $100 detail to focus your opponent to miss "The De La Riva guard" and the sitting up guard to play your game.
- Modified Bull Pass to Sao Paulo Pressure Game Leg Control.
- Learn how to make the opponent change his body position so you can get the angles you want for the modified bull pass!
- Analysis of the basic "Inverted De la Riva Guard/Inside hook."
- Learn how to kill  "The Inverted De la Riva Guard" with all the fine points: knee control, the stance, hip control and confidence.

Part III: Guard Passing B- Techniques and Strategies-
- Analysis of "The inverted De La Riva guard" and "The knee cut/shin pass": 2 variations explored.  Sao Paulo Pressure Game leg redirection added.
- How and when to use the collar grip fighting game to pass the inverted de la riva guard.  Sao Paulo Pressure Game leg redirection added.
- How to counter and redirect "The inverted De La Riva guard" legwork with opponent controlling the collar with the left or right hand.  3 variations explored total and Sao Paulo Pressure Game added.
- How to counter "The Inverted De La Riva guard" when the opponent controls the collar and sleeve control well; 2 variations explored.
- How to pass if the opponent controls the "The inverted De La Riva guard" ankle.
- How to pass "The inverted De La Riva guard" with sleeve control and a loop guard.
- A quick look at passing "The half inverted De La Riva and half spider guard."
- The Sao Paulo Pass aka: "The Wilson Reis Pass" or "The Tozi Pass."  This sitting guard pass was added to the DVD because of the overall theme.  "little" Tony learned this pass and had it applied to him by Wilson Reis during training sessions in Philadelphia.

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