Best Karate of Nao Morooka: Locus & Techniques of Kata Queen DVD

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Morooka NAO is a revival of the glory in the Best Karate series!
Charm of her four proud KATA.
And show her technique that reached the seat of KATA QUEEN!
      the first part of nao/MOROOKA NAO 1982-Now
    • Interview
      (All Japan Student/4th Straight Victory)
      (National Athletic Meet at Kanagawa Youth Kata/Victory)
      (15th Asian Karatedo Championships/Victory)
      (36th All Japan Karatedo Championships/Victory)
      the second part of nao/Kata

  • Nipaipo (Front, Side, Technique)
  • Tomari Bassai (Front, Side, Technique)
  • Chatanyara Kushanku (Front, Side, Technique)
  • Bassai Dai (Front, Side, Technique)

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 66 min.