Atillo Balintawak Disarming Encyclopedia DVD Chapter 2

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Weapon disarming is probably one of the most debatable topics in Filipino Martial Arts. 
Many claim it is unnecessary, doesn't work or simply too risky when its life or death.
In this DVD,legendary GM Crispulo Atillo shares his 60 + years of real life fighting experience, showing his most practical disarming methods and how to apply them in actual combat!.





    Slow Motion

    Sparring Applications

    Bonus: Proper Striking Techniques

    Interview with GM Atillo on the true history of Balintawak & Doce Pares


    About GM Ising Atillo BALINTAWAK :

    Atillo Balintawak is a powerful Filipino martial art developed by Grandmaster Crispulo "Ising" Atillo based on the style of the legendary Grandmaster Doring Saavedra.

    This art focuses on stick fighting and its application with bladed weapons, as well as empty hands. Efficiency, and power are put together to produce this fighting system. It is a highly efficient style in combat and tournament situations.