Arnis Tapado Single Stick by Ruben Tansingco (On Demand)

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In "Tapado Arnis" there is not emphasis on acrobatic, strenous and abnormal movements. In this great video you can learn, from Master Tansingco, the techniques of the Tapado system. The use of the single and double stick, including disarming, angles of attack, flow practice, patterned drills and counterattack techniques is presented in this first volumen on Filipino Martial Arts. Mastering the techniques shown in this tape you'll be able of neutralize weapons attacks, evade unfamiliar attacks and fire off lethal counter attacks! Train with the routines and drills developed by the filipino Masters to survive in the jungle. "Tapado Arnis" is not a sport but a dealdy system of self defense. This tape shows you "why". These explosive, powerful and realistic techniques are sure to help you take care of business on the street should you ever need to do so. High speed combinations and twirling sticks. The trademark of "Tapado Arnis"!

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