Ancient Techniques & Spirit of the Japanese Sword DVD

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Includes footage of the forging of a Sue-Bizen style sword in Osafune, a town famous for sword making, employing traditional methods.There are few opportunities for people to see what modern swordsmiths have brought down from past generations.Many people will have the opportunity to view this video to witness the entire process of sword making, from the first step,the creation of Tamahagane, to the final polishing of the completed sword, and deepen their understanding of the beauty of the Japanese sword and the skills required to create it.
Hi Ire
Mizu Heshi
Ko Buse
Tsumi Kasane
Tsumi Wakashi
Orikaeshi Tanren
Hi Zukuri
Ara Shiage
Tsuchi Dori
Yaki Ire
Sori Naoshi
Kaji Togi
Nakago Jitate
Language: Japanese & English
Run time: 32 min.