All of Aikido by Hiroshi Tada DVD 2: Nage Waza

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Part 2 of a 3 DVD set from 9th dan instructor from the Aikikai honbu dojo - Hiroshi Tada.

1: Shihonage (17 techniques)
2: Iriminage (10 techniques)
3: Kotegaeshi (10 techniques)
4: Tenchinage (5 techniques)
5: Kokyunage (10 techniques)
6: Kaitennage (15 techniques)
7: Jujinage (11 techniques)
8: Udegarami
9: Gokiriotoshi
10: Tanninzugake
11: Ashi sabaki (12 techniques)
12: Katatedori ki no nagare / Ikkyo ki no nagare

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 108 min.