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Airplane Security DVD by Jose Luis Isidro 1


Airplane Security DVD by Jose Luis Isidro 1

Airplane Security DVD by Jose Luis Isidro

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Aviation security. There are many security protocol regarding technical aviation and its management, but unfortunately there are no protocol regulations about personal protection, nor do they train the flight crew in self defense techniques or safekeeping training that will help passengers and the crew survive a real threat while in flight. How would any expert in Martial Arts explain their techniques in the hallway of an airplane against an armed opponent or simply a passenger that’s bigger or out of control? The method presented in the following dvd will show that any small airline stewardess can and will overcome and reduce a larger and bigger aggressor in the narrow passage of an airplane. These techniques are incredibly fast and effective, in some cases even deadly and take into account a smaller space in which to be executed, they are also discrete and are adapted to suit each situation in a special way. A synthesis of the basic concepts for the preparation of flight professionals, that surely will have to learn in our courses and from time to time RECYCLE their knowledge in seminars in order to learn how to react and be ready to handle any situation that may happen during a flight.
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