Aikido Tenshin Dojo Vol 2 with Miyako Fujitani (On Demand)

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In this second project for Budo International, Miyako Fujitani, 6th Dan by the Tokio Aikikai and director of the Aikido tenshin Dojo in Osaka, presents us with a subtle, efficient, elegant and powerful Aikido, insisting that there is a great variety of techniques in Aikido, even if they all imply the use of circular movements.

From the hand of Sensei Fujitani, we will study the exercises from a sitting position, Kokyu-Ho, Hanmi-Handachi Iriminage, Hanmi-Handachi Shiho-nage, Shomen-uchi, Hijishime, and Muna-dori Kokyu-nage.  At the same time, on this occasion we will discover how the use of Bokken or Bo has an amazing versatility in the hands of Fujitani. It is a video by which we can enjoy a peculiar Aikido, centered in respect and in learning how to subdue opponents without resorting to force with techniques that have not been practiced in many Dojos.

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