Aikido Outside the Box DVD by Bruce Bookman

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Bruce Bookman and James Friedman combine their extensive backgrounds in aikido with Vajra Granelli’s expertise in kickboxing to make Aikido – Outside the Box the most far-reaching program, to date, on the practical application of aikido technique.

Aikido – Outside the Box offers a systematic approach for aikido teachers and students to gain the skills necessary to deal with random punches and kicks. This DVD presents strategies to increase the effectiveness of classical aikido techniques against kickboxing and other street attacks. The unique aspect of this approach is that drills are provided to bridge the gap between rote memorized movements and light sparring using aikido techniques. Additionally, a chapter devoted to the basics of punching and kicking is presented to increase the quality of drill practice and light sparring. It is not our intention to turn aikidoist into mixed martial artist. Preparation for mixed martial arts is beyond the scope of this program. Aikido – Outside the Box will help aikidoist to increase their martial effectiveness and add general spontaneity to their workouts.

Granelli, Friedman and Bookman have worked together over many years, cross training and providing their students at Suginami Aikikai in San Francisco and at Tenzan Aikido in Seattle with this groundbreaking program. Aikido – Outside the Box is the next best thing to training in their classes!