Aikido Kumi-Tachi with Isidro Casas (On Demand)

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Master Isidro Casas presents us with a complete project on Aikido training with the traditional Japanese saber, or "Tachi", a practice in which, as with empty hands, attack and defense fuse into a single concept. We will study the fundamental movements extracted from Iaido, the Tachi-Dori work that teaches use how to defend against attacks with a saber, as well as disarming the adversary, Aiki-Ken, opposite to the previous (Tori attacks with Bokken and Uke tries to control the wooden saber), Kihon-Waza (all those empty hand techniques executed with saber), and finally, Randori work in Kumi - Tachi. This is an excellent video for understanding the true origin and the effectiveness of Aikido techniques.

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