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Advanced Grappling Vol 1 with Tito Beltran (On Demand)


Advanced Grappling Vol 1 with Tito Beltran (On Demand)

Advanced Grappling Vol 1 with Tito Beltran (On Demand)

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Tito Beltrán, IBJJF NO-GI 2014 World Champion, and GI and NO-GI 2015 European Champion, teaches in this his first work a complete arsenal of advanced technical resources to defeat our opponent. In this series of two videos, Master Beltrán examines closely all the positions, crumbling each one both offensively and defensively, to secure them perfectly and attack from there with the greatest guarantees. You surely know all the techniques explained in this video, but the secret is that Tito applies them from any position; you will get into Arm locks, Leg locks, the Kimura and the "Mataleon" from positions that you didn't even know. You will be able to apply them when you train or compete, with GI or NO-GI, and even when MMA reach that point in which it's better to know submission techniques because blows are no longer effective. Spectacular tricks to improve your position and keep advancing, and of course, you will enjoy some of the most powerful Grappling finishing techniques, without losing a single ounce of effectiveness in MMA and BJJ matches. A video with advanced techniques, necessary for all those who want to delve into the ground fighting workout.

Vol.1: Work from "Defensive guard and finishing techniques", the "Middle guard", "Defensive middle guard" and "Offensive middle guard".

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