50 Shades of Armbars 4 DVD Set by Renato Canuto

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Renato Canuto is one of the most talked about fighters on the planet right now, and it’s because of his high-flying, nonstop aggressiveness, a style that makes him a gunslinger among gunslingers. 


In a sport that can be bogged down by people playing advantages or decisions, Renato Canuto is constantly pushing for the submission, and his results speak for themselves; An IBJJF World No-Gi Championship, silver in the gi at Worlds, and a double champion at Kasai!


What makes all of this even more impressive is that he’s only been a black belt since 2016, so for him, the sky is the limit. The fundamental cornerstone of Renato’s game is the threat of submission, he turns every position into a dangerous one, and he’s got one of the best armbars in the world. It doesn’t matter what position he is in, Renato can flow and move and find that arm, leaving scores of opponents tapping out.


The armbar is one of the first moves that most of us learn, and it’s one of the oldest and most proven submission locks in all of grappling. Still, how many of us ever really unlock its full potential? How many of us are able to hunt that arm with precision? Now you can become the arm collector in your gym, with Renato’s guidance. You may know a few positions where you can get the classic armbar, but now you can have dozens of places to attack the arm and finish the fight. From those classic spots like closed guard and full mount, to the more unorthodox places to attack the arm, like the torreando armbar, the double armbar, or even the highlight reel flying armbar!