111 Half Guard Techniques Vol 1 by Caio Terra (On Demand)

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Multiple time world champion Caio Terra is here to revolutionize your half guard! The half guard is one of the most common positions in jiu-jitsu with a wide variety of options. In 4 detail oriented volumes, Caio will show you:

- How to get out of bad spots
- How to master the underhook and hooks guard
- His favorite deep half guard moves
- How to master the inverted half guard
- His favorite moves from the upside down half guard
- The dangerous Terra's guard
- Moves from the 50/50 guard 

All techniques are grouped in an easy to understand fashion that leaves you with many options depending on your opponents reaction.
Volume 1: Getting Out of Bad Spots
Complete chapter list: 

Getting out of bad spots Part 1

1. Recover full guard
2. Sweep from head control 
3. Recovering knee shield from head control
4. Sweep with lapel and pants grip
5. Recovering knee shield from knee slide pass
6. Sweep from knee slide pass
7. Getting underhook from knee slide pass
8. Hip bump sweep
9. Sweep to mount when opponent moves to inverted half guard
10. Taking the back when opponent moves to inverted half guard
11. Roll over sweep when opponent moves to inverted HG

Getting out of bad spots Part 2 - Knee Shield

1. Taking the Back
2. Roll over sweep
3. Taking the back from knee grip
4. Kimura sweep/submission 
5. Straight armlock
6. Collar choke
7. Collar choke to sweep to mount
8. Brabo choke
9. Brabo choke variation 2 with sweep
10. Brabo choke variation 3 with sweep
11. Taking the back when opponent pummels
12. Sweep when opponent pummels
13. Sweep 2 when opponent pummels with Kimura
14. Reverse triangle when opponent pummels
15. Sweep to kneebar
16. Roll under armbar 1
17. Roll under armbar 2
18. To the crucifix


    Languages: English and Japanese

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