WTU Chum Kiu Form & Applications DVD with A. Neudorfer & R. Ferrante

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The founders of WTU Wing Tsun Universe, GM Sifu Alfred Neudorfer and Si-Mo Rosa Ferrante Bannera, present a new work, focused this time on Chum Kiu, the second of the "solo" movements or classic forms of Wing Tsun, from the WTU perspective. The WTU Chum Kiu, or "4 waves", is especially characterized by the use of the falling step, the 3 basic kicks (a Wing Tsun slogan for kicks says that "each step is a kick, and each kick is a step"), and the arm bridges, long and short bridges, which determine the way we come into contact with the attacker. The DVD includes the execution of the complete Chum Kiu movement, the 4 Chum Kiu sections with 3 applications for each one of them, with the use of the 3 basic kicks and the arm bridges. Finally, the video shows the sequences 2-7 of the Chum Kiu movements with a training partner or Chi-Sao. An excellent work which presents to us a new way of experiencing both the "solo" movements and those with a training partner in the Art of Wing Tsun.

Length: 65 min.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français