Wolf Extreme Defense by David Buisan (On Demand)

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Wolf Extreme defense is a versatile self defense system created by Master David Buisan, sixth degree black belt in Fushih Kenpo, and self defence instructor, that reflects his training under two great Masters: Santiago Velilla of Karate and Raul Guiteirrez of Kempo. It is a simple, effective and above all easy to learn system that combines the multifaceted techniques of Kempo, the concentration of Karate and Jiu Jitsu and the footwork of Aikido, with the punches and kicks of Tai Boxing and Kickboxing, internal energy exercises and focused primarily on different psychcological aspects of self defense. In this work master Buisan presents a complete arsenal of techniques against all sorts of straight and circular attacks, grabs from all directions and special work on pressure pointing and intercepting techniques. An excellent example of a generation of Masters who have developed a new self defense for the 21st century, based on simple, creative and effective techniques.


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