The Williams Guard - Traps and Submissions by Shawn Williams (On Demand)

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The long awaited Williams guard instructional is finally here! Shawn Williams breaks down what John Danaher coined, the Williams Guard. In the second part of the series, Shawn shows you all of the submission possibilities once you have the Williams Guard locked down; From Triangles, armbars, omoplatas to reverse Kimuras.

Traps and Submissions
    Armlock when Opponent keeps Inside Control
    Triangle - Bicep to Triangle Trap
    Triangle - Leg Shake Method
    Leg Around to Triangle Trap
    Omoplata - Going on own choice
    Omoplata - By Necessity 1
    Omoplata - By Necessity 2
    Countering the Step Over from the Williams Guard - Low Single
    Countering Omoplata Step Over with See Saw Sweep
    Countering Omoplata Cartwheel with Armlock
    Reverse Kimura
    Triangle from the Triangle Trap
    Armlock from Triangle Trap
    Pummel through back to Triangle Trap
    Flow Drill
   Omoplata extras - Swivel breakdown
   Omoplata extras - Nino leg tie up

   Omoplata extras - Nino Roll

   Omoplata extras - Kimura when opponent rolls


   Bonus - Williams guard to arm in guillotine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Slick subs!

Great instructional that shows you how to set up some slick, yet effective submissions. You are from a safe position as well (including from strikes).

enjoyed it

I haven't been successful with the subs (yet), but I like to do the flow drill; as co- ordination excercises.