Submission Grappling Vol-2 by Bob Anderson (On Demand)

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In this excellent Submission Grappling series, legendary USA wrestler and National Coach Bob Anderson shows you the most efficient techniques used in grappling to defeat your opponent. With proven experience and current technical knowledge of the evolution of the sport, Coach Anderson introduces you to many never-shown-before grappling and Wrestling elements of combat. Covering and analyzing in detail the aspects of takedowns and throws, sweeps and counters, and reversals from the most common grappling situations, this series is one of the best if you are interested in any system or grappling method. If you are a submission grappler, a Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, a Wrestler or MMA fighter…this series is for you! 

Bob Anderson has coached such National and Olympic wrestling champions as Rulon Gardner, Dan Henderson, Heath Sims, and Randy Couture. He also coached the World Cup Team, 28 Gold Medalists in the Olympic Festivals and the Junior World Team. He was one of the first ten coaches to become Gold Coach Certified, the highest certification in USA wrestling. He also was World Champion Freestyle, National Champion Free Style and Greco Roman, Olympic Trials Champion, and Division 1 NCAA All American. Bob also founded the Junior Elite Training Systems dedicated to making good wrestlers and better citizens. He coached his Junior Elite students to 12 National Team Championships.

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