Shotokan Masters with Masaru Miura (On Demand)

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The finest modern Shotokan Masters gathered together in this top quality live-training production. Filmed at I.S.K.F. legendary “Master Camp” located in Green Lane, PA; this special set is a must for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 
Karate-do techniques, training principles, Budo philosophy, etc... are explained by some of the best teachers the world of Karate has ever seen. You will find these instructional videos a great learning and reference tool in your Karate-do training regardless of style. 
The impeccable instruction and explanation of ‘beyond-style’ Karate elements like breathing, posture, timing, body control, kihon, kata and kumite techniques and principles by ‘the best of the best’, makes this video series a true ‘collector’s item’ not to be missed by any serious and dedicated Karate practitioner.

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