Power Judo Vol-1 by Hayward Nishioka (On Demand)

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Vol. 1 Star Power Judo

This video examines the qualities and the frame of mind of the few individuals that we call champions. To do this, we have selected a different format—one that we think can help the competitors, parents, and coaches alike. Rather then a step-by-step how-to video, this presentation conceptualizes and names some of those ideas that we previously had about judo but never quite expressly identified. But now here they are in your edition of Star Power Judo. After viewing this tape, parents should have a better idea of what they want to support in their children’s training. Coaches will have to turn their direction to different drills and training methods needed to build their future champions. This presentation shows numerous video samples of international and Olympic championships. Many of the clips are replayed in slow motion and eloquently explained by Mr. Hayward Nishioka.


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