Kyusho Jitsu Points on the Arms by Evan Pantazi (On Demand)

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The Master Evan Pantazi, presents us with a new project that is very pedagogical and of great technical precision. It is a true study of the human body, centered this time on the pressure points on the arms. It teaches a series of exercises focused on the destruction of fist attacks, leaving the adversary´s arms useless in order to get an advantage and even win the fight. In the video, the distinct points are shown as well as applications, ways of attacking, and the body´s reactions, all of it in order to get the desired effect and combine it with other techniques to finish the fight. Master Pantazi, accompanied by some of his students, shows us step by step, in a clear, no nonsense way, the true Art of pressure points, the ancient Art of Kyusho Jitsu!


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