Ed Parker's Kenpo System by Larry Tatum (On Demand)

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In his video Larry has delighted us with his peculiar way of doing and teaching Kenpo, which will help many lovers and practitioners of this style to improve their forms. We will definitely be fill with that unique characteristic way of doing, of combining and defending that always, always...carries its special aura, that special touch that the emblematic and fatherly figure of Ed Parker projected way beyond his death. It is a practical message, powerful, with determination, a way of being and performing true refined Martial Art, renewed, and now fused into the force of this outstanding Master who is Larry Tatum. Do not miss it! A video about the concepts and principles of Kenpo Karate, with applications to self-defense. These principles and concepts are universal and unique. Any system, any style can immediately incorporate into its way of working. Master Tatum explains the concept of linear and circular motion, and how together they can help you in any street situation, circular and linear actions, the concept of reframing to adapt the techniques to each situation, the work in the 4 dimensions: height, width, depth and time, and the inserts, different strokes that you can use as you carry out the techniques. It also includes an interview with Master Tatum.


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