Principles of Kaeshiwaza Vol 2 with George Ledyard (On demand)

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This video is the first of a series on Kiho Waza or Aikido basic technique. Although it is designed for the Beginner / Intermediate student of Aikido, instructors who teach Beginners might find the approach to be helpful in their classes.  Kaeshiwaza Vol. 2 is technique intensive, applying the general principles outlined in Vol. 1.  It covers a number of reversals from the most common kihon waza as well as a detailed anlysis of what mistakes makes leave each technique "open" for reversal.
      Reversals From- Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, Kokyunage, Sumiotoshi, Iriminage, & Shihonage    
     Crossover Points
     Neutral Pivot Point
     Getting "Inside the Arc" of projection
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