JKD Streetfighting by Joaquin Almeria (On Demand)

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The title JKD Street fighting encompasses all the most lethal techniques of JKD. With Joaquin Almeria,a student of Dan Inosanto, we discover the secrets of live street combat. No rules! Sixteen techniques and their variations for knife attacks using such everyday elements such as a jacket, car keys or a car window, weapons like a scarf and coins, a newspaper or some shoes all combined with kicks to the genitals, fingers in the eyes, rapid and sure strangleholds, elbows, knees and throws. Master Almeria shows us all the possible blocks, disarming and controls using a belt as well as different situations of knife aggression on the ground. The video finishes with a section dedicated to techniques of knife against knife: 15 coordination exercises exemplifying the sensitivity and fluidity of the Filipino styles(Hubat, Palasut, Gunting, Pacal, Sabatan) and their applications, Pacal disarming with both hands, Sombra exercises and free fighting with a partner. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have.


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