How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2 by Stephan Kesting & Brandon Mullins Vol 4 (On-demand)

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The mission of this instructional series is to give you the techniques and strategies you need to handle yourself when you’re grappling with a larger, stronger opponent. Everything is geared towards keeping you safe, and having a high-percentage game that you can rely on, even when the person you’re facing outweighs you by many pounds.


Vol 4: Instant BJJ Gamechangers

This is one of the coolest instructionals I’ve ever seen. In it Brandon takes you through more than 20 ‘game changers.’ These are techniques, concepts, tricks, and strategies that changed his game OVERNIGHT. Incorporate them into your own game, and watch your own level jump up too.

  1. Instant BJJ Gamechangers

  2. MMA Kickpass

  3. Carlos Machado Repummel vs Half Guard

  4. Submission-Proof Guard Passing & Taking the Back

  5. Draculino Double Grip Pass

  6. The Step Out Defense

  7. Best Mount Attacks

  8. Total Control Rearmount

  9. The Kimura Backtake

  10. Knee on Belly Arm Trap

  11. The Draculino Bump

  12. Roger Sweep Guard Defense

  13. Leg Scissor Omoplata Finish

  14. Rolling Omoplata Finish

  15. Defeating the Over-Under Pass 1

  16. Defeating the Over-Under Pass 2

  17. Russian Roll Armbar

  18. Defeating Double Underhooks

  19. Clock Choke Defense

  20. Bow and Arrow Choke Defense

  21. Sperry Choke Defense

  22. Brabo/Anaconda Choke Defense

  23. Kneebar Defense

  24. Wrapup

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Customer Reviews

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This is probably my favourite instructional so far! Brandon Mullins is great at teaching and in this volume he shows how to overcome some common problems whilst rolling with stronger opponents! I managed to recall a couple of details he shows, during rolling and they worked! cannot wait to drill all the techs he teaches in here !highly recommended