How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 1 with Stephan Kesting & Emily Kwok Vol 3 (On-demand)

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Well known instructor Stephan Kesting along with active competitor Emily Kwok have produced a huge set all about defeating a larger & stronger opponent.

Vol 3: Top Five Moves

Every champion has his or her favorite 'go to' moves... In this volume, Emily shares her top five submissions, her top five guard sweeps, and her top five escapes and transitions for dealing with much larger people. Most importantly, she includes the tweaks and details that take 'regular' techniques and change them into 'giant-killer' moves. Master these 15 techniques and watch your training partners develop a new-found respect for your skills.


  1. Top 5 Submissions for Smaller People
  2. Choosing your Submissions
  3. Cross Side Lapel Choke
  4. Modified Baseball Choke
  5. Reverse Armbar from Mount
  6. Bow and Arrow Choke
  7. North South Choke
  8. Top 5 Guard Sweeps for Smaller People
  9. Developing your Guard Sweeps
  10. Knee Push to Single Leg X Guard
  11. Knee Push to Sickle Sweep
  12. Scooting Butterfly Sweep
  13. Double Shin Lever
  14. Counter to Backstep Guard Pass
  15. Top 5 Transitions and Escapes
  16. Moving in Transition
  17. Closed to Open Guard
  18. Elbow Push vs Guard Pass
  19. Leg Over Head Escape
  20. Granby Roll Escapes
  21. Two-on-One Escape
  22. Some Final Words of Advice
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