How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 1 with Stephan Kesting & Emily Kwok Vol 2 (On-demand)

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Well known instructor Stephan Kesting along with active competitor Emily Kwok have produced a huge set all about defeating a larger & stronger opponent.

Vol 2: Compensating for Strength

Not all guard positions keep you safe or are effective when you've facing someone who is much larger and heavier than you. Here Emily shares her favorite guard positions that work well against bigger people, and breaks them down so you'll be able to keep good position and successfully defend guard passing attempts. Plus she teaches you which sweeps work against ALL sizes of opponents, not just ones your own size.

In part two Emily takes you through her bread and butter guard passes that she uses again and again when facing larger opponents. Don't let guard passing turn into a battle of strength; use speed, leverage and timing instead! Emily teaches you the secrets of 'ganging up' on your opponent by using your whole body to dominate ONE of his limbs. Once you isolate a limb you can then use it to get past their guard and into a good position where you can dominate the rest of the fight.

In part three of this video, Emily explores the seldom-taught area of transitional escapes, sharing with you the strategies and mindset that completely changed her own approach to pin escapes. She also shows you the exact techniques you need to know in order to keep things moving, and to not end up completely flattened and helplessly pinned underneath your opponent.


  1. Intro to the Seated Guard
  2. Knee Push Sweep
  3. Butterfly Sweep
  4. Butterfly Sweep with Head Control
  5. Butterfly Sweep with Knee Push
  6. Intro and Shin-to-Shin Entry
  7. Butterfly Sweep Entry
  8. Side to Side Finish
  9. Heel Grab Finish
  10. Dealing with Grips
  11. Transition to Regular X Guard
  12. X Guard Details
  13. Stand-up Finish
  14. Backtrip Finish
  15. Intro to the Half Guard
  16. Taking the Back
  17. Leg Grab Sweep
  18. Roll-Under Sweep
  19. The 'Vomit' Sweep
  20. Strategies and Tactics
  21. Explosive stand-up
  22. Standing Step Pass
  23. Leg Drag & Hip Trap
  24. Over-Under Pass
  25. Transitional Escapes
  26. Block and Elbow Wedge
  27. Multiple Bridging
  28. Side to Side Bridging
  29. Transitional Mount Escapes
  30. Improving the Elbow-Knee Escape
  31. Leg Trap Mount Escape
  32. Credits
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    I just bought this yesterday and am already more than halfway though - I'd highly recommend this to beginners - It is a nice introduction to single lex and X guard - simple basic yet effective principles - I would probably suggest to go through Emily Kwok instructionals first and follow with Brandon Mullins ones - both are great at explaining techs!