How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in Nogi by Stephan Kesting & Emily Kwok Vol 3 (On-demand)

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Without the gi the smaller, weaker person is at a huge disadvantage.

But things don’t need to be this way.  There is hope in no gi, even if you’re fighting a person significantly bigger than yourself.

You just have to know what to do…

How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi is series featuring the no gi techniques, strategies and tactics of multiple-time world champion Emily Kwok working together with Stephan Kesting.


Vol 3: No Gi Guard Sweeps and Submissions

If you’re on your back and fighting from the guard in a no gi situation you can immediately throw out about 75% of the standard BJJ arsenal. Most sweeps, submissions, and strategies from the bottom just won’t work without the gi to hold onto.

But that doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. By focusing on the specific guard positions and techniques that work in no gi you CAN stay safe, defend the guard pass, and sweep your opponent in order to get yourself to a dominant pinning position.

In this section Emily also goes over the rarely-taught details that make the most powerful no gi submissions so devastatingly effective.

  1. Intro to No Gi Guard Sweeps

  2. Common No Gi Sweeping Mistakes

  3. How to Maintain Good Position

  4. Two-on-One Butterfly Sweep

  5. Inside Leg Butterfly Sweep

  6. Butterfly to Single Leg X Guard

  7. Butterfly to Full X Guard and Sweep

  8. Butterfly to de la Riva Sweep

  9. Half Guard Strategies

  10. Sweeping vs the Backstep Guard Pass

  11. Intro to No Gi Submissions

  12. Trachea Choke

  13. Arm-In Guillotine

  14. Ambush Armbar from Modified Scarfhold

  15. Guard Pass to Footlock

  16. Guard Pass to Kneebar

  17. Modifying the Head and Arm Choke

  18. Applying the Rear Naked Choke against Resistance

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