Gordo's Half Guard Series - Passing the Half Guard with Roberto "Gordo" Correa (On Demand)

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Roberto "Gordo" Correa and Gerson "Gersinho" Sanginitto have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since the early 80's. Both were given their black belts by the legendary Carlos Gracie, Jr. Each have won numerous titles in Brazil and now have successful academies of their own.

They are now presenting a three volume series in which the world renowned Gordo explains the techniques he has developed to make his half-guard the most aggressive and dangerous in the sport today.

Now you too can learn to make your half-guard more lethal and effective.
Vol 3: Passing the Half Guard
Position 1: Cross arm over head (free the knee)
Position 2: Collar control under arm pit
Position 3: Cross face (use foot to free the leg)
Position 4: Variation of position 3 (controlling both arms)
Position 5: Control collar and arm (slide to side)
Position 6: Jump to the other side (free the leg)
Position 7: Control under arm (head and feet support body)
Position 8: Hug legs below hips
Position 9: Hand in between the legs (control collar or arm)
Position 10: Variation of position 9 second sweep
Position 11: Variation of position 9 third sweep
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