Favela Jiu Jitsu Vol 1 - Open Guard Passes by Fernando Terere (On Demand)

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Favela Jiu Jitsu - Open Guard Passes by Fernando Terere is now available for On-Demand. Learn from multiple world medalist Terere and have the freedom to take your training with you every where you go. Learn from the privacy of your own home or go mobile and practice your guard passes at your academy!

Available in 3 Languages: English, Português, 日本語

Content Includes:

Opening the Closed Guard 1
Opening the Closed Guard 2
Passing the Open guard (no grips) 1
Passing the Open Guard (no grips) 2
Passing the Open Guard (no grips) 3
Passing the Open Guard (no grips) 4
Passing the Spider Guard 1
Passing the Spider Guard 2
Passing the Spider Guard 3
De la Riva Pass 1
De la Riva Pass 2
Reverse De la Spider Pass
Spider Lasso Pass 1
Spider Lasso Pass 2
De la Spider Pass

*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical DVD.
**You can watch as many times as you want.
***Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Customer Reviews

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The best

Great video of Terere. Very clear in the explanations.

Game changer

Terere's passes are great and comprehensive. If you are looking to make your jiu jitsu game mobile, Terere's passing DVDs are the first step. Absolutely fantastic.