Fade to Black 1 (Vol 1) Darce Choke with Brandon Quick (On Demand)

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Brandon Quick teaches a HUGE variety of chokes with this 3 part On Demand series. The chokes you'll see here are the latest innovations of darces, peruvian neckties, guillotines, arm triangles, and gators and chances are your opponent hasn't seen most of these! The first part of this series is Fade to Black - Darce Chokes 

Vol 1: Darce Chokes



Banana Peel

North Pole



Push Around

Can Crusher

Quick Trick

Drill Bit


Never Quit

Baby Wipe Choke

Change Gears


Heat 1 (Darce defense)

Heat 2 (Darce defence)

Boa & Half Suplex (Darce defense)

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**You can watch as many times as you want.

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