Escapes! By Bill Cooper (On Demand)

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Bill "the grill" Cooper - one of the best American BJJ black belts is the master of the escape and he's here to help you with your game. Cooper shows not just how to get out a bad situation but how to escape to a dominant position where you can submit your opponent. These are tournament tested and Paragon approved escapes!
1. Introduction 
Armbar escapes
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Rocking chair
4. Tricep bridge
5. Armbar to armbar
Triangle escapes
6. Tripod
7. Bigfoot
8. Gerber
RNC escapes
9. Hulk
10. Pencil to shaolin
Omo Plata escape
11. Omo plata to omo plata
Back escapes
12. Igor
13. Overhand to shaolin
14. TRX to the back
15. Spicy tuna roll
Crucifix escapes
16. Freedom
17. Sumo step to arm triangle
18. Sumo step to shaolin
Body triangle escapes
19. Winestock
20. Master key
Leglock escapes
21. Hookbar
22. Kneebar to shaolin
23. Prince charming to toehold
24. Boot to the shaolin
25. Heelhook to the shaolin
Guillotine escapes
26. Sewer escape to shaolin
Shaolin escapes
27. Escape to Shaolin
28. Prayer to the Americana
29. Tortilla roll to bowhook
30. Half shaolin to fool shaolin

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Kip Allen

Top notch from all positions gives you the blueprint to transitional escapes