Cross Fighting Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Marco De Cesaris (On Demand)

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A real technical progression has arisen out of the friendly collaboration of these two Masters, that combines the most efficient actions executed standing according to Muay Thai Boran, with Vacirca Jiu-Jitsu’s submissions, all mixed together with purely scientific European criteria. From this friendly collaboration between these two Master has sprang the true technical progression that combines the most efficient foot performed actions, according to the traditional Muay Thai Boran, along with the ground submissions of Vacirca Jiu-Jitsu, a whole mixture with pure scientific European criteria. There are four technical learning levels, which go from the basic, presented in the first video and on to the highest level that correspond to the title of instructor. The Vale-Tudo Cross Fighting of Vacirca and De Cesaris puts the student in condition to learn the basic striking elbow techniques, fists, kicks knee and head applied to stand up. Clinch actions and throws to the ground go from varias positions, floor control to get to dominating positions, submissions with strangleholds and joint locks.
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