Supreme Cream by The Arm Bar Soap Company

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  • SupremeCream™ is our premier super-lotion that we developed specifically for Jiu Jitsu players and all full-contact martial artists alike.  Concocted to have a non-greasy feel, SupremeCream™ can be applied to face, body, and hands.  This all-natural cream comes loaded with a 100% organic, antimicrobial 5-oil-blend of Tea tree, Moringa, Lavender, Chamomile, and Argan, to continue to battle off unwanted bacteria and free radicals after showering.  We've also included a strong dose of high-grade, Arnica Montana extract to soothe inflammation as well as a deep-moisturizing concoction of pure Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter to bind moisture to the skin while strengthening cell membranes.